Q. What is EasyRentil?
EasyRentil is a peer to peer (P2P) rental website. We allow people to upload their products to rent to other people. We provide the market place, infrastructure and support to enable a smooth and hassle free rental experience where both parties benefit.

Q. How do I open an account?
You simply go to EasyRentil.com and click on Login and follow the steps. It's that easy!

Q. Who is a Renter?
A Renter is someone who gives their product(s) out for rent.

Q. Who is a Borrower?
A Borrower is someone who borrows products from a Renter.

Q. Do I have to create a separate Renter and Borrower account?
No. We’ve designed our Dashboard in such a way that you need only create one account but you have two separate avatars in that account; one as a Renter and one as a Borrower.

Q. What do I need to register my account?
To create an account, you need at least 2 valid government issued IDs, a working email address and a working mobile phone number. Please note that the account is pending clearance and EasyRentil reserves the right to decline an account creation request without giving a reason.

Q. How does EasyRentil work?
Once you've created an account and have been approved, Renters simply upload the products they want to give out on rent via their dashboard. They enter the necessary information like price, security deposit, available dates, do’s and don'ts, pictures, etc. Borrowers can browse through the plethora of products and pick the ones they want to rent. A request to rent is sent to the Renter with details of the Borrower’s requirement and profile. The Renter has 24 hours to accept or decline the request. If the request is accepted, the Borrower’s wallet account is debited for the rental amount + security deposit + logistics (if applicable). The product is picked up and shipped to the Borrower. The rental amount is kept as escrow with EasyRentil and is transferred to the Renter within 2 days. This time is to allow the Borrower to point out any issues with the product.

Q. How does the security deposit feature work?
Security deposits are the cornerstone of a successful rental model. We looked at various options to maximize user friendliness and user experience. The user will create an account with the payment wallet. This is a one time thing. Once the account is created, they user will load the wallet with the money needed for the rental. This includes the rental amount, security deposit, taxes and fees. Don't worry, this amount will be given to you. Once a rental is accepted by the Renter, the amount is debited from the Borrower’s account and is held in escrow. At the completion of the rental, assuming there are no issues, the security deposit is Illuminati Tech Pvt Ltd 104 Shree Naman Plaza, S V Road, Kandivali West, Mumbai 400 067 refunded into the Borrower’s wallet account 2 days after the rental period completion date.

Q. Who handles logistics?
We’re all about options! So we have an option where the Renter can choose to ship the product using our logistics partner through the EasyRentil website, or he/she can choose to ship the product themselves. The same options exist for the Borrower at the time of returning the product. If either party chooses the logistics partner, the applicable charges will be mentioned to them.

Q. How does EasyRentil process the payments?
We believe in the highest quality of service. With that in mind, we have tied up with India’s premier mobile payments and wallet company. We use their mobile wallet product to enhance the user experience and reduce the user’s hurdles to execute a successful rental.

Q. Is it safe?
Safety is of paramount importance when dealing with online payments. We get that. That's why we have chosen to partner with India’s premier payments and wallet company which employs the best technology and encryption to keep your data safe and protected.

Q. Do I have to have a wallet account?
Yes. We’ve done that so you can have the smoothest and easiest payment experience.

Q. How do I get the money from my wallet account back to my bank account ?
You can simply email the wallet company and tell them you want to refund the money back into your account. For more information please visit their website at www.payumoney.com

Q. How do the rating matter?
We’re building a rental community, and in a community ratings is currency. Ratings are important to communicate to potential Renters and Borrowers the kind of experience others have had dealing with a particular individual or company. It helps Borrowers and Renters strive to provide a superior renting experience.

Q. On what basis should I rate my experience?
That's completely your call. Our guidelines are to rate on speed of response, communication, product honesty, ability to accommodate.

Q. Can a rating only be made in connection with a rental?
Yes. You can't rate someone without having had a rental transaction with them.

Q. What if my product is damaged?
That's horrible! You should raise a dispute immediately by emailing us on support@illuminatitec.com. Be sure to include a detailed description of what went wrong and try and send pictures. It always helps.

Q. What if the product I’ve rented isn't working as it should?
We feel you. Simply raise a dispute by emailing us at support@illuminatitec.com. Be sure to include a detailed description of what went wrong.

Q. How do I address the issue of a dispute?
To raise a dispute of any kind, please email us at support@illuminatitec.com with a detailed description of dispute and any pictures.

Q. How does EasyRentil decide on a dispute?

Ans :
Elementary, my dear Watson! We always look at the facts. If the Renter had uploaded pictures and a small description about the product right before shipping it and the Borrower did the same upon receiving it, we’d try to understand from both parties what went wrong and take a call. We highly recommend that as a Renter, you click pictures and write a small description about the product RIGHT BEFORE shipping it. This way we can maintain a timeline on the product. We recommend you do that when you receive the product too. This will help us in dispute resolution. We recommend the Borrower do the same thing. It's OPTIONAL but the extra effort can go a long way!

Q. If I disagree with the decision EasyRentil has taken, how can I pursue the matter?
You always have the option of resolving the dispute outside the community. You can pursue legal action against the Borrower if such is deemed appropriate by you. We will share all the details of the Borrower/Renter after we are shared a copy of an FIR or court order requesting the same. You can email us at support@illuminatitec.com so we can get into further details on a case by case basis. We will strive to hope it never comes to that!

Q. How does the Payments process work?
For a Renter – We ask you for your bank details at the time of registration. We use that account to deposit all your money earned from renting.

For a Borrower – You can make your security deposit and rental amount payment via our payment gateway partner like any other online transaction. We will refund the security deposit to your payment method after the successful completion of your rental.

Q. How does the security deposit feature work?
We deduct the mentioned security deposit and the rental charges in one charge. If the rental goes smoothly, the security deposit is refunded within 2 days of successful completion of the rental.

Q. How do I ship my products??
As a Borrower, you can have the product shipped to you by our logistics partner. Simply click on the “EasyRentil Shipping” option at checkout. The approximate shipping costs will be shown. Remember these costs are approximate and the final amount may differ. You will be liable for the final amount which will be deducted from your security deposit.
You can also choose to pick up the product yourself. Simply choose the “Individual Pickup” option and fill out one or more of the boxes. This way the renter can contact you and you both can coordinate the logistics.

Q. Are there any size restrictions on shipping??
Yes. Our logistics partner will not be able to ship over sized products. As a thumb rule, they don’t ship products that weight greater than 10kgs. Please keep this in mind when choosing your shipping option.

Q. As a Renter how do I get my product back?
Returning the product is the sole responsibility of the Borrower. He/she can use a local courier service or any other method of returning the product.

Q. As a Borrower, how do I return the product?
EasyRentil will contact you at the end of your rental and coordinate the pick up of the product.

Q. Does the rental date account for shipping time?
The product will be picked up from the Borrower by 6pm on the Rent till date and dropped off to the Renter by 3pm the following day.

Rental Best Practices

  1. Always treat a rental product like it's your own. Take care of it and treat it well.

  2. Remember, you're part of a community. Like any community, we like to take care of our own. If you do something ill advised, it will reflect on your ratings as a Renter or Borrower.

  3. Take pictures and write comments about the product right before you ship it and right after you receive it. This way we can ensure that the product description is accurate.

  4. Pay attention to the “Do’s and Don’ts” section of the product page. It contains information from the Renter on how to use the product.

  5. Always give reviews. It will help future Renters and Borrowers make informed decisions and will keep them both honest.